Monday, July 21, 2008

@@ two CRAZY nights in TRIPOLI lights @@


The first crazy nights when my friend suggested that we take a little bit of funny It was a view to Seaside at " tajoura" nearly 23km focus here a little word "23" & then take our dinner and sat with us and we discussed several topics and the place was crowded and sounds of music and knowing that people swim at the 12 after midnight, after a period of time, about 2am to ended have decided to return to the apartment and another 23km and after we entered the apartment ((surprise here)) I can not find my mobile phone did not surprise unthinkable then decided to return to the same place may have to find the mobile It has been suggested The friend to contact the digital But I told him not because if the phone ringing everyone wll heard it then we go back 23 km further on the way I maintained a problem and keeping in the forefront Ptall where he spent two lights one 4 bluetooth & other 4 battery light & becuz i never before off bluetooth 4 ths reason That is the biggest of my worries this point and I told my friend if the device on his free throwing, iam sure wll find it bt he said
" say godbye ya baba " we got to the same place we contacted our role here and not the same thing here Need and then bent and I was lamps were open car noticed something in the ground here and "happy surprise" my beautiful mobile God wills it caught up in the soil Sea and was on his face does not mean twinkle none Hahaha at ths moment some of guys there says " رزق الحلال ما يضيعش " then another 23 km In other remedies were about 2:30am then on my way we calculate our distance And was nearly 96 km mean "nearly same distance 2 my hometown "elkhums" hhhhh ...



The other night when i wake on my friend khaled screaming complaining shap pain and that I had been advised by that neglected my advice "surgery" , known as the same problem the previous what he called medically Hernia فتق in the inguinal region "inguinal hernia" "indirect type" & cuz i know wht wll happend there no " surgery" cuz requires to be patient while he was fasting for at least 6 hours & probarly will give him some painkillers or intravenous canula to compensate wht he loss of fluids when he vomit, but his insistence deep thigh decided to TMC at the following night and that he had good background on his condition because I have already explained to him Hahaha learn ON HIM where the doctor was surprised there was the alternate for the quantity of information on the situation, and asked: Are you a doctor or medical student !!! MY friend and with evil a smile answer him Yes !!! Hahaha ( big liar ) d Dr.advice him to remain in The hospital until the morning because it can not be a process now known that must be patient did not eat anything for reasons of anesthesia was rejected by my friend and asked a temporary solution suggested by some analgesics and fluids to compensate for the lost quantity of vomit when a question was rejected again and decided to refer to the House echoing Throughout the way back tomorrow, I'll go to Tunisia to conduct the operation oh plz god help me 3am wht d crazy friend In the end he returned grown cell in colouring butterfly In the morning I told him, mocking us letَs go to Tunisia .... said to me, no, no i fell ok tody no neccessary 2 surgery !!!! ....then i say " عادت حليمه الى عادتها القديمه ".....



  1. ya sure that nights make u crazy but it's good news u find u'r mobile in the end

  2. باهي المهم في الحلقه الأخيره لقيت الموبايل..
    على رايك كان وفرت هالكيلومترات
    ومشيت للخمس احسن على الأقل ابحرها احسن من تاجوراء ههه

    لكن حلوة المغامره وكل مالواحد يتمرمد كل مالحاجه تقعد ذكرى حلوه بعدين

    اما صديقك خالد ...هادا نشايفي هلبه
    نتمنوا ليه الشفاء العاجل أن شاءالله

    موضوع مميز وطريف عبد الله

  3. hay dr ...alhammdolelah ala salamet mobilek.........& ur friend i wish he'll be ok....ohhhhhhhhhhhhh TUNISIA trust sure

  4. lol @ "and was on his face" :o)

    glad you found your beloved phone

  5. Was On His Face

    meskeen, glad that you find it

    about Khaled I'm sorry to hear that
    Hernia.. you can ask khalad to be your case at your exam if you have surgery's final (our 5thyear they have their surgery's finals tomorrow enshaAllah )
    Its nice you knows him and you don't need to be afraid about the history taking
    yalla ensha Allah he will beoki soon

    fe aman Allah

  6. nasimlibya
    lol @ happy end "my mobile" dnt bring 2 another father hehehe ...

  7. ha2rama
    تعرفى لو ما لقيتاش احتمال رقدت غادى وانى ندور فيه واذا على بحر الخمس والله مافى احسن منه بس شن بديرى ما نحصلوش فيه الا كل جمعه ... قالت نشايفى وسكتت ... يتعارك مع روحه ههههه ..

  8. WEDA
    tanx weda my mobile now in icu u know some "gazt bhr" stuck his breathing

  9. Anglo-Libyan
    yp bro "his face" ....
    `e 2 shining lights "tshahder"

  10. CrowdedMind
    mu case in exam!!!
    sure wll fail & `e minus degree ...
    wish u find case like khaled hhhh .... r u fight `e (ro7ek) like him ...

  11. ur english is absolutely amazing!. r u sure u r not writing in arabic and using google translate to translate it into english?

  12. Welcome to my home town beautiful Tagura !!! Glade our beach gave your phone back to you . Town is only 20 minutes away by car ! Hope your friend is much better now . Sounds like a crazy 2 days !

  13. HEY SAM HOW R U ???

  14. on the edge
    after crazy night sure tagura always in my mind hehehe ....
    20min !!! bt after i frgt my phone there i think became 20 hrs ....oh

  15. OMG you lost your mobile phone????
    لو كنت انا راهو جتني جلطه
    الحمد لله على سلامته و سلامتكم من المشوار البعيد

  16. meme
    thanx 4 ur comment,

    me ... my heart beat in d top !!!

  17. why you will fail if your patient with hernia !!
    you don't like it or what ?
    It easy ensha Allah my patient next year will be with hernia its easy there is no gaps in it you can answer it
    or your problem with khaled !!

    fe aman Allah

  18. تعيش وتاكل غيرها

    بس جد المال الحلال ما بيضيع الله عارف انو اهلك شاريينو مو انت ههههههههه

    يلا ارجع ادرس وبطل حكي بلشت الدراسة موووو؟؟

  19. CrowdedMind
    hey dr ...d prob nt in hernia case d prob in pt like khaled hhhh ...
    sure d time of exa wll end & u stll fighting `e him ...
    salam sis ...

  20. حنان شلبي
    الشىء الوحيد اللى ما يشتروه لى أهلى هواتفى النقاله هههههههه .. لا يكون بياخدو الفلوس من عندك حنو ههههه... حاضر خيتو هلا بنروح ع الدراسه ... سلام

  21. well i'm happey for you

    and yes
    رزق الحلال ميضيعش

    may god bless khaled
    i hope he's fine now

    طمنا عليه:)

  22. linda
    thanx 4 ur visit ...
    khaled now as libyan says
    like " eljn"
    waiting another night from screaming !!!
    no surgery yet !!!

  23. hi.. nice u found him it looks that u love him allhamdo llah alle lgeta ....
    really its difficult to be a patient and u go to the OT ..really fearful

  24. asma ..
    welcomeback sis thanx 4 comment ...

  25. Glad you found your beloved mobile. I can totally understand your tender feelings towards it :D

    As for Khaled, I hope he's doing fine now?

  26. Mushothalohari yp my lovly mobile all my memories in it ...thanx 4 ur comment