Saturday, February 7, 2009

@@ Things occur only in Libya @@

when you live in libya so you can predict anything sorry guys but that is the truth ...this pictures is from libyan community i copy it from my forum alldoctors with many meanings in each picture
enjoy with the libyan magic

in libyan stadium !!!

From our beaches

no comment " so healthy "

contradiction !!!

What if the wind was stronger !!

Is this development !!! "death of life"

foriegn workers " what a view " !!!

libyan kids after finish school day !!

this happen in my hometown by my cam " LOL ''

another what if wind was stronger !!

another contradiction !!!

this happen just in libya !!

i love libya " caring "

alsharqia in the history ...

what if the rain was more heavy !! " swim LOL "

By a Libyan woman

Signs of development !!

alfateh univercity ...

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salam .....