Thursday, November 17, 2011

@@ Germany, Deutschland, Almaniya @@

Hey guys i'm back again and finally i can say Libya free now, no more Gaddafi but sadly i missed all these months from Libya history.

During these months i was in Germany and i tried as much as i can to visit many cities in this interesting country and 
learn new language " very difficult" ,discovering new culture.

What is my  positive opinion about Germany?
1- workharder people.
2- repsectiful, nice, straight people.
2- strong economic country.
4- very good social and health system and i like their health system i mean their policies.
5- most interesting point in Germany is they care about all cities even villages everything is available.
6- Intersting country to visit historically or as modern there is too much places to visit and big amazing cities. 

Negative points !?
1- Country with too much old people and too little young people, i read this notice and i saw it everywhere in Germany !!
2- Family as a word nearly complaining and most of them rarly met together maybe in Birth days or Christmas.
3- Germany became multiculture& foriegn people and u can met many people originally from everywhere in the world but they have German nationality but the problem original German still have difficulties to  accept this situation !!
4- in general they need to be smily, funny more and more :)

I visited Berlin, Köln, Düsseldorf, Bonn, Frankfurt, Dortmund, Hagen, Uberhausen, Iserlohn, Werl, Hemer, Menden, Troisdorf and Spich

I'll vote for Berlin and Köln  as a best city :)

Frankfurt Am Mein

Brandenburg Gate - Berlin

König Pilsener Arena - Oberhausen

Berlin Zoo

Felsenmeer- Hemer

Altstadt - Iserlohn


Standort im wasser - Dortmund

Kölner Dom - Köln

Altstadt - Dortmund

Dortmund Zoo



Mühlenhof Open Air Museum -  Münster

Germany National Day - Bonn

Madame Tussauds - Berlin

Many lovers comes here to put their Locks - Hohenzollernbrücke Köln

Köln Hohenzollernbrücke

This man very profissional he is totally freezed

 Haus der Geschichte der Bundesrepublic Deutschland - Bonn

Festival in Berlin 

 This gate divided Germany to east and west side before they reunion at 1989
 Conzert Hall - Berlin

Berliner Dom - Berlin

Berlin Siegessäule

 Berlin East Side Gallery - Berlin

Deutsche  Bundestag - Berlin

Schloss Charlottenburg

Over view to Berlin

My signature at Berlin East Side Galeery

and the adventure still continued ....