Tuesday, July 12, 2011

@@ Libyans Revolution .. Libya after Feb17 @@

salam all ...
this is first post after Feb17 and what happened in Libya, its long story and we need endless of posts to describe what happen in our beloved country !!
I feel no mood to write but sometimes i feel we should write to let world know and then i said the world already know by using Tv, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc  so why i should write here now !!
for me i think this revolution it is about how Libyans take advantage on Gaddafi by using their Mobiles everywhere, using Twitter, Facebook, Youtube to document all their revolution and make our voice reach the world without mask from Gaddafi like before, yeah we are in 2011 and we all have Mobiles and Internet now, so Gaddafi cant any more make Libyans far from the world eyes ...
this post just start to describe our revolution not in videos or photos because you can find this everywhere but i will post about some stories " personal " stories to people who living inside this revolution some of them moving now outside of Libya some of still there facing daily fears from Gaddafi regime and others still fighting with rebels and sad part some of them arrested and died " Martyers" inshallah .. so i dont know from which part i should start but its too late attempt to blogging again but at least there is something update here on this blog ...

as a start i have story about guy who is my cousin living in Tripoli and he is as many libyan youths attend peacful demonstartions in Tripoli streets asking Gaddafi to stepdown after 42 useless years which he dont do anything useful for libyans despit Libya one of richest country in petrol ''OIL'' ..
he is everyday since feb17 go out and demonstrate despite as he said after feb17 the situation goes tough on the streets and everyday we see people shooted by Gaddafi forces and everyday there is people die on the streets and after they died Gaddafi firces take their bodies to unknown place and the problem when someone wounded and go to hospital asking for treatment many of them arrested there sometimes by security forces sometimes by Doctors who part from Gaddafi loyalist " in Libya you cant be Chef or head of department unless you are big loyal to Gaddafi and part of Lejan Tawria member ", so as he said the situation worsining everyday and reach maximum at night of Feb 20 after Saif Al Islam " Gaddafi is son "

adressess Libyans and telling them if this demonstrations is not stoped there is a bath of blood and i promise it will be civilian war because ME and my family never surrender and when he adress this speach "Benghazi" already being under rebels control, so everything changes after this speach and on the night of Feb21and 22 thousend of libyan youths died on the streets after they shooted by "RBG'' and 14.5 which can divide human body for two halfs "

one of weapons used against libyans during demonstrations of Feb17 revolution "

lucky people who recieve just Bullet like my cousin who told me " when we are in Green Square in the center of Tripoli and crowded with thousend of youths who keep shouting "No more Gaddafi" suddenly the Gaddafi forces " Kataib" coming ther and start shooting everywhere and the gunfire neverstop from everyside and i saw many people fall infront of me some already died some still breathing and we just keep desperatly trying to carry them away "
He said i saw many people wonded but when G forces reach them they just complet their mission and firing another Bullet on those wonded people then take them in cars to unknown place crowding over each other !!
after he is run with others between samll streets he said i try to relax because i felt exhausted and i hidded under the tree but then we heard G forces close to us, so we decide to run again but once i start to run i felt something hit my shoulder hardly i dont know what is that, but after few minuths he said i dont know about anything, i just fall then i wokeup after hours between people i dont know rhem and they told me we take you to our house when you bleeding out of Gaddafi forces and then the next story begin because he call his brother and ask him come but the family who host him advice him to stay this night because G forces everywhere outside and its dangerous because they shoot anybody moved and he agree with his brother to dont tell his mam ...
in the early morning his brother come and drove him back to their house because already they know from many sources they cant attend hospital because his brother friend id Doctor and he saw many wounded demos arrested by G forces and its dangerous to come to the Hospital, so he is promise to came to house and treat him. after hours he came and treat him with basic stuffs but he said we need to do small operation because he cant remove Bullet out because its deep and between Scapula and Shoulder and he said we have to wait because i have to make sure its safe in the Hospital to come or not and once i call you just hurry to Hospital and he said now your situation is good but not for long time because we have to remove Bullet and we fear from Infections and he just drove back to the Hospital and at 3AM he phoned and said hurry up we can do it now, my cousin said with all pain i felt all the day and the Bullet inside along way to Hospital i felt i dont want to remove it because maybe once we attend there maybe G forces come or one of loyal Doctor call them but thank god he said everything goes well with alot of tension and once we go out of Hospital one of G forces ask us what they do in Hospital?, my brother answer : there is car hit him when he walk in the street !! .. the soldier said with smile ok ok you can go but keep your eyes open when you walk, He said " my Cousin " i am sure this soldier know why iam treated here but he is dont want to arrest me and then i felt we can won this fight with Gaddafi because many of this soldier between G forces ...
after fout days the nightmare start in Tripoli because G security forces after they control whole city and no more demonstrations they start to arrest people thousend and thousend of people from everyplace everycorner because G eyes everywhere in Tripoli even when people go fo demonstartion and shouting Gaddfi must go out there is between them G security forces which register names and knowing faces and the problem when they come to arrest someone they just enter the house without any permision and arrest all men in the house even those who dont demonstrat, so my cousin start to hidding in private places and try to go out of  Tripoli to be safe and after some calls with relative in airport they said you can take plan and we will help you to be safe, so after 2 weeks from this night he is nw outside of the country with many emotional moments happend to his family when they know he is injured and alot of tension before he recieve treatmaent and he said " that is nothing according to other people who fall in the Green Square or those who wrrested during they recive treatment in the hospitals iam lucky because there is people shooted by 14.5 !!

some sad stories happened in Tripoli :
some families desperatly searching for their sons and they dont know if killed or arrested !!
some families fear to bury their sons because G forces retake it to unknown place !!
some families said they bury their sons in house garden as safe place out of G hands !!
most of people died in demonstrations and taken by G forces they introduce them to media as they are one of NATO air strikes on civilian people !!
i wrote this post and as i watch in the TV now more than one Milion libyan people who cross borders for different reason just to be safe from Gaddafi and his men hands !!
this revolution full of pains to every libyan family because most of us there is friends died or injured or arrested every libyan know some one who killed, arrested, wounded and after all of this Gaddafi call us "Jordan-Rats" and we are just Qaida !!
by the way my Cousin DENTIST doctor so what type of drugs he take or which Qaida he attend. its just Gaddafi lies to stay as president for another endless years he or one of his sons !!

long post but i have to document it because as i said everytime my blog is documentary about my life, and after all of this end we have alot to read from here and there ...

here is X-ray for my Cousin Bullet

Salam ...