Saturday, December 10, 2011

@ Al khums City Libya @

here is some photos explaining parts of daily life of Al khums city after liberated at 20-8-2011 after long revolution period which as we know every city have their story about what happend exactly during Gaddafi bridages days ...

i'll start this post by two somgs about Al khums released lately and i'm sure here first place which maybe you will listen to these songs :)

         first song

                  second song

some of photos about Alkhums - Libya

Wall graffiti

people starts to paint their shops with new flag

Aid Prayer in freedom square

another magazine released lately
there is a new magazines starts to release intiated by activitist

one of youths who starts cleaning their city after liberation

this photo realy epic libyan and you can see big " BA5ARA " in the middle of street !!

one of aids which organised by Al khums people to the other libyan cities 

even Septimus severus joined Feb 17 revolution :)

new Radio station start broadcasting after liberation ...

Military council organise a day to thank all rebels inside the city in celebrating special day

this man named '' Alboshti " from Zwara and he is leader of Gaddafi bridage inside Alkhums and responsile for many crimes inside the city and finally he is now under Al khums military council hands

students demonstrate in their college against some Doctors who 's strongly loyalist to Gaddafi !!

 buried prayer for Alhawiya martyers who died about 20 martyrs during only two hours ...

Al khums women forum " opening day " and they are realy doing great work in many activities.

Alkhums civilian council during one of their meetings.

 Lebda freedom festival which took place at 3 Desember

one of Al khums sons Mr. Ali Ehmeda Ashor " justice minster " in transitional govt.

sample from Alkhums martyers during Feb17 revolution " Allahu Akbar "

now at least you know something about Al khums :)

Salam ....

Thursday, November 17, 2011

@@ Germany, Deutschland, Almaniya @@

Hey guys i'm back again and finally i can say Libya free now, no more Gaddafi but sadly i missed all these months from Libya history.

During these months i was in Germany and i tried as much as i can to visit many cities in this interesting country and 
learn new language " very difficult" ,discovering new culture.

What is my  positive opinion about Germany?
1- workharder people.
2- repsectiful, nice, straight people.
2- strong economic country.
4- very good social and health system and i like their health system i mean their policies.
5- most interesting point in Germany is they care about all cities even villages everything is available.
6- Intersting country to visit historically or as modern there is too much places to visit and big amazing cities. 

Negative points !?
1- Country with too much old people and too little young people, i read this notice and i saw it everywhere in Germany !!
2- Family as a word nearly complaining and most of them rarly met together maybe in Birth days or Christmas.
3- Germany became multiculture& foriegn people and u can met many people originally from everywhere in the world but they have German nationality but the problem original German still have difficulties to  accept this situation !!
4- in general they need to be smily, funny more and more :)

I visited Berlin, Köln, Düsseldorf, Bonn, Frankfurt, Dortmund, Hagen, Uberhausen, Iserlohn, Werl, Hemer, Menden, Troisdorf and Spich

I'll vote for Berlin and Köln  as a best city :)

Frankfurt Am Mein

Brandenburg Gate - Berlin

König Pilsener Arena - Oberhausen

Berlin Zoo

Felsenmeer- Hemer

Altstadt - Iserlohn


Standort im wasser - Dortmund

Kölner Dom - Köln

Altstadt - Dortmund

Dortmund Zoo



Mühlenhof Open Air Museum -  Münster

Germany National Day - Bonn

Madame Tussauds - Berlin

Many lovers comes here to put their Locks - Hohenzollernbrücke Köln

Köln Hohenzollernbrücke

This man very profissional he is totally freezed

 Haus der Geschichte der Bundesrepublic Deutschland - Bonn

Festival in Berlin 

 This gate divided Germany to east and west side before they reunion at 1989
 Conzert Hall - Berlin

Berliner Dom - Berlin

Berlin Siegessäule

 Berlin East Side Gallery - Berlin

Deutsche  Bundestag - Berlin

Schloss Charlottenburg

Over view to Berlin

My signature at Berlin East Side Galeery

and the adventure still continued ....