Monday, June 7, 2010

@@ World Cup South Africa 2010 @@

HAIM ....

the whole world excited for these world cup in south Africa
its event every four years in which the whole world forget part from his daily problems & every one follow his Favourite team & here in libya we part from this world ...
you can see countries flags on many building every one according to his favourite team
& this time in libya something new appear its " Libya World Cup Tent 2010
  " The venue will feature a luxurious and fully air conditioned Tent to seat 800+ fans, with couches and comfortable seating areas to enjoy the matches in full 3D on our state of the art 3D projector ...

now guys be ready & teel us which team well support in worldcup 2010

for me am big fan to Italy .... ^_^

& u  ??

enjoy  peacful world cup only time the whole world share same feelings & emotions without borders & religions ...
its just football languish


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SALAM ....


  1. i haven't heard about this tent, thank you for sharing it with us!!
    where is it taking place?

    and as for me, this year i will be cheering for Brazil to take the cup, because if it does it will keep it, and they will change the cup "new cup!!!"
    but i am also supporting algeria, just because it's the arab country in the world cup and i will support spain and south africa coz i like these two teams...
    italy is not bad they are very strong players!!

  2. heheheeheh
    really i like this post ♥
    specially when u have said " here in libya we part from this world "
    however .... I am big fan of portugal because of c.ronaldo .
    in this world cup there alot of surprice that no one can expect , e.g ( no one expect that italy will be out from the begining ) !_!
    japan even korea they had pass
    i would like to thank u 4 this post ^_^

  3. dr.butterfly
    the tent beside " bab elba7r " hotel nt far from corinthia hotel & dat el3mad towers ....
    brazil !! cant imagine support them even against israel ^_^

    portugal !!
    when i wrote ths comment portugal out of world cup like my fav team italy so we can share some tears ^+^


  4. I am not a fan of watching sports in general (I'd rather play, however badly, than watch :D), but the World Cup is something I like to watch - if only because my brother needs someone to discuss the games with, haha.

    I was cheering for Algeria and South-Korea, but they're both now long gone, so I've switched to Brazil and Ghana. I was totally against England and Portugal (sorry, pals) winning, so I can't say I was sad to see them leave.

    On a side note, I'm very happy I discovered K'naan through this World Cup song (with the help of said brother)! I've been listening to his other songs, and I'm totally liking them. Meaningful lyrics + nice voice = good combination.

    Enjoy the games and hope to see you more often on the blogosphere, abdullah! (:

  5. Mushu ......
    where r u long time wallahy ....
    Glad to see u here again ....

    just right now brazil out of world cup " loool " & me ofcu so happy 4 that ^_^

    now go to support ghana sis

    keep n tch


  6. Oh, drat! Now Brazil and Ghana have fallen as well. I am too scared to say who am I cheering for now, as I seem to bring them only bad luck :D